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Portable hunting target

Client: Port-A-Bull

In today's market, archery targets are often heavy and bulky, making them difficult to transport for hunting or scouting trips.

However, we collaborated with some incredible entrepreneurs to develop a revolutionary portable target product that addresses this need for hunters.

We played a vital role in the entire product development process, from A to Z, including assisting with branding.

Introducing Port-A-Bull, a new type of target that provides bowhunters with a convenient way to practice their perfect shot in the actual hunting environment. One of the key features of Port-A-Bull is its ease of carry and packing.

Designed with back-country archers in mind, it is lightweight and can be rolled up small, allowing it to be easily attached to any backpack. It's the first target you'll want to bring along on your hunting trips.

Additionally, assembly is a breeze, taking less than a minute. The target is equipped with durable straps that can be strung between trees at varying distances. It also features custom bludgeon tips that simulate the flight of field tips, transferring chalk onto the target face to clearly show the impact of each shot.

Furthermore, the Port-A-Bull offers multiple field applications. With its versatile tri-purpose design, it can be transformed into a carrier for wood, quarters, or gear. Moreover, it can be quickly assembled as a ground blind when needed.

Port-A-Bull truly revolutionizes the archery target market by providing bowhunters with a portable, lightweight, and versatile solution for practicing their skills in the field.


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