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Arc Experiential Sauna

Client: Ancient Ritual

Arc is a personal in-home experiential sauna for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing. Arc integrates therapeutic infrared heat, soothing light, and high-fidelity surround sound, creating a full immersion therapy that leaves you feeling recharged, restored, and renewed. Arc engages users with personalized programs, meditation, and breathwork content, to relax the mind and body. The AI software evolves with you, transforming your biometric data into dimensional dynamic analytics to maximize your sauna experience.

Working with this startup on a fresh new product category like this was an absolute joy. Every design decision and every detail had to contribute to the overarching goal of attaining a tranquil state of mind and body. Design psychology, sensitive ergonomics, natural materials, and subtle technology became our four corners of inspirational truth.

Arc is constructed of natural oak and Japanese hinoki cypress. The interior chamber includes a comfortable reclining wood chair and a smaller fold-down guest seat. Side panel infrared emitters and a ceiling heater provide warmth. Thick wall insulation isolates all heat and sound. The soft light wall wash makes it feel like you’re in a much larger room, and 2.1 sound surrounds you in blissful music.

In addition to its heat, light, and sound features, Arc’s soft, warm, and inviting industrial design aims to offer individuals absolute peace, comfort, and quiet. We believe that this type of deeply empathic design is something the world needs more of.


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