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About Us

-From Imagination to Application-

-Technique Architectural Products is a premier fabricator of superior custom architectural metal products and signage, and proudly serves you s a comprehensive resource - from concept to installation.
-We have a wealth of unique, sophisticated and highly specialized knowledge gained over eleven years from hands-on experience with hundreds of varied, complex, custom projects. Our clients value our ability to offer ideas, practical suggestions and construction techniques, on the back of a napkin, in the shop, or out in the field.
-Unlike many of our competitors, we're highly skilled in working with a wide range of materials, and have the ability to combine different design elements to achieve one-of-a-kind pieces - for you.
-We often tackle design challenges other fabricators are unwilling to undertake or said were impossible.




  • Industrial Design
  • Architecture
  • Exhibit Design

Main Office

815 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
United States


Eric Wildman
phone: 412.241.1644
fax: 412.241.1645

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