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Cleaning Bundle

Client: ezpz

Elevating the simple things in life! The Cleaning Bundle includes all of ezpz's innovative silicone cleaning products: the Bottle Brush, Mushroom Sponge and Drying Rack. Beautiful and functional, the modern aesthetic of these items can be proudly displayed on your counter.

The Bottle Brush was designed to easily clean baby bottles, water bottles, cups, coffee pots and cookware, all while looking sleek and elegant on the kitchen counter. Smooth, continuous lines were used to give the brush a distinct profile, complete with a suction base to keep it standing proudly and securely like a little tree.

The Mushroom Sponge is perfect for washing ezpz products, dishes, cookware and feeding gear. When not in use, it can self store anywhere by suctioning to the counter, backsplash, inside of the sink, etc. A hypo-allergenic, odor-resistant and long-lasting silicone sponge with a sturdy, non-slip handle and a suction base, all in the shape of a mushroom.

The Drying Rack was designed to help dry and store all essential baby / toddler gear, including ezpz products. Composed of a silicone mat with built in nubbins and sturdy, repositionable pegs that allow for countless configurations, this product manages to be highly functional while being very minimal. Designed with the classic ezpz feature of a suction base, the mat stays put on the counter and traps any excess water until you’re ready to throw it in the dishwasher. It can be used on its own as a drying mat, or with the removable pegs that make the rack customizable to suit many drying needs, from bottles, nipples, cups and ezpz mats.


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