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Based in New Delhi, India, DesignConcept is composed of a group of professionals that love design and quality lifestyle. We specialize in interior design, architecture and product design. Our ambition is to create designs that not only looks good, but is functional too.

DesignConcept is an ultra dynamic designer team that will perfectly understand your needs in order to build functional spaces made for you and adapted to your expectations. Our capacity to work by thinking allows us to answer to the requests of a diversified clientele. With its young, passionate and dynamic team, DesignConcept thrives on an innovative and contemporary design. Thanks to the designer’s creativity and perspicacity, we develop a taste of quality, elegance, functionality and aestheticism.

At DesignConcept, when we begin designing, we think of a solution that embodies style, comfort and a certain degree of edginess. We do this because we believe that our customers like their space to have a distinct look and feel, which is, in a way, an extension of their own personal lifestyle and individuality.

Design is the focus of our practice. The success of our firm in the marketplace is a testament to our ability to respond efficiently and effectively to demanding client needs and to deliver innovative design solutions that add value to commercial development in a timely fashion. Our design philosophy is open and continually developing. We begin with a methodology of focusing each architectural project on the understanding and development of its urban design role.

Less rules, more game

Without innovation, a brand can easily sink into oblivion. Getting rid of given ideas, being visionary but always in a Cartesian way is fundamental. Transgressing the standards without being aggressive, that is the leitmotiv of DesignConcept.

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  • Red Dot Design Award (Furniture Product) Red Dot Design 2010
  • Red Dot Design Award (Furniture Product) Red Dot Design 2011
  • A'Design Award for Product Design A'Design 2011


  • Designers Accord
DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Wiedden Kennedy
  • Hermes
  • Ella Dining Room
  • La Veuve Cafe
  • Yelo Spa
  • Munich Store
  • Madame a Paris
  • Lecoanet Hemant
  • Shamiyana Resort



DesignConcept creative studio


  • Interior Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Architecture

Typical Project Budget

$100,000 - $500,000

Location 1

F 17/A
New Delhi, Delhi 110017


Aniruddh Ghosh
phone: +9101141011391

Additional Locations


M 21, Basement Saket
New Delhi 110017


Aniruddh Ghosh
phone: +918130682688

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