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Adoption of The Designers Accord


There are 4 steps to adopting the Designers Accord. After you have read the information below and accepted the terms, your firm name will be sent to the Designers Accord for validation. Once validated, it will take just a few days to see your Designers Accord badge displayed at your Design Directory firm listing.

STEP 1: Read the Call to Action

We ask all adopters, globally, to proactively engage in a dialogue about environmental and social impact with each and every client and customer, and to integrate sustainable alternatives in their work. By collectively committing to having this conversation, we will compel businesses to evaluate sustainability as a key vector in decision-making for their products and services.

We promote openly sharing knowledge and experience about sustainability, from an environmental, cultural, social, and economic perspective. We believe building our intelligence around these issues should be a collective exercise. For this cause, we advocate inverting the traditional model of competition, and encourage pooling knowledge so that all may benefit and build on marketable and sustainable solutions. We believe this will lead to greater innovation.

STEP 2: Read the Code of Conduct

  • Do no harm
  • Communicate and collaborate
  • Keep learning, keep teaching
  • Instigate meaningful change
  • Make theory action

STEP 3: Read the Guidelines for Design Firm Adopters

  1. Publicly declare participation in the Designers Accord.
  2. Initiate a dialogue about environmental and social impact and sustainable alternatives with each and every client. Rework client contracts to favor environmentally and socially responsible design and work processes. Provide strategic and material alternatives for sustainable design.
  3. Undertake a program to educate your teams about sustainability and sustainable design.
  4. Consider your ethical footprint. Understand any negative impact of your firm and firm's work, and work to measure, manage, and reduce it on an annual basis.
  5. Advance the understanding of environmental and social issues from a design perspective by actively contributing to the communal knowledge base for sustainable design.

STEP 4: Adopt the Accord

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