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Coca-Cola Splash Bar

Client: Coca-Cola

Product Ventures was approached by The Coca-Cola Company to be a design partner for their Splash Bar initiative which aims to create opportunities for the poorest of the poor to engage in Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages’ (HCCB) value chain. Under this initiative, Coca-Cola products are made available at affordable prices to the people historically ignored in distant hamlets where incomes are low and every expense is scrutinized. Product Ventures’ designed, engineered, developed and prototyped the Splash Bar dispenser which facilitates easy dispensing of chilled Coca-Cola products without the need for cost-prohibitive amenities such as electricity. This empowers local kiosks and bodegas to effectively sell Coca-Cola products at the needed quantity for single-serve consumption while still maintaining a low cost. Product Ventures is proud to be making a difference through design and enabling vendors in depressed areas to successfully augment their business and better their lives and the lives of others.


Coca-Cola splash bar

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