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Muuv Chair

Client: Align1 Solutions

Bridge Factory was hired by Align1 Solutions to create the first and only chair to blend true spinal support and dynamic body movement. The Muuv chair incorporates proper back posture with active dynamic movement for stretching and core building exercises. The unique dynamic movement allows the users spine to move in three ways: Flexion-extensions, Side bending and rotating.
With the shared understanding that the human body was never intended to sit for multiple hours in one position as is required by so many careers today, the underlying principle of the Muuv Chair innovation, is that it becomes a human “Posture Coach”. This means that the patented Muuv Chair facilitates healthful movement while simultaneously providing seating for accomplishing practical work, and in so doing, accelerates the user’s concentration, sense of well being and overall physical functionality.
The chair’s function and design where developed using the direction from experts including physiotherapist and seating experts along with insights from a research study that uncovered the needs of active professionals. The Muuv chair was successfully launched at the Hero World Challenge in December of 2015 and will start manufacturing and shipping in 2016.


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