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Product Line Expansion

Client: 4moms

4moms is dedicated to creating innovative, easy to use, technology-enabled baby products that make life easier for parents.

4moms was ready to refresh and expand their product line. They approached Fresco to create a new visual brand language that would elevate aesthetics, ensure superior ergonomics, and include elements fully executable through manufacturing.

We worked collaboratively with 4moms’ engineering and marketing teams and product strategist, Michael Laude, to innovate the product line. Together we optimized the products’ ergonomics, comfort, form, and appearance.

Comfortable Kids, Happy Parents -

We approached each product with users – parents and children – in mind. We designed with a clear understanding of posture, center of gravity, weight, anchoring points, sizing, and reach; by using infant, children, and adult digital mannequins through many rounds of virtual ergonomic testing.

Feeling at Home -

To achieve contemporary and timeless designs that fit seamlessly into modern homes, we sculpted sophisticated forms using advanced Class-A surfacing to update product appearance, smooth edges and better integrate soft and hard components.

Design Intent for Manufacturing -

Achieving visual simplicity while designing a complex mechanical product requires high design sensitivity, 3D modeling mastery, and manufacturing know-how. Working collaboratively with 4moms and their supply-base tooling engineers, manufacturing cost targets were met, and design intent was maintained.

Softgoods Development -

The softgoods were designed with comfort and manufacturing in mind. Our iterative process leveraged both virtual and physical prototyping to achieve superior softgoods design results.

We designed in 3D using virtual child mannequins, and used weighted child models to test the physical cut-and-sew prototypes. Once the concepts were more refined, softgoods prototypes were used to conduct comfort studies with real users, before refinin


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