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Nest Speaker

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Nest Speaker

Forgetting to charge your portable speaker is probably the second most common struggle of all music lovers. The first? It’s not having a portable speaker at all!

Jumping in to solve struggles 1 and 2, The Nest will make sure your portable speaker is always fully charged and ready to go. The Nest is a home speaker that doubles as a charging port and nest (hence, the name) for its portable speaker.

All you have to do is pop in the portable speaker and voila! Not only will you build the habit of putting your portable speaker in the exact same place every time, but you’ll also be practicing the habit of constantly charging it while you’re at home.

So if you’ve ever wondered how you can start applying the KonMari method to your gadgets, here’s a start! This kind of innovation is exactly what we’ve been waiting for and surely doesn’t go unnoticed. No wonder The Nest was awarded silver by the A’design Award & Competition in 2017 and was even featured in Yanko Design!


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