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Fleks Flexible Fidget Magnets

Client: Speks

The world’s first silicone fidget magnets. Soothingly soft to the touch and satisfyingly snappy to connect, the pieces combine to make hundreds of different shapes.

Two, three and four armed Fleks were developed in a flared style for maximum bend and endless combinations, stretching the imagination with new ways to play, fidget and create.

Carefully engineered magnet housings secure the rare earth magnets to the silicone.

In their first iteration, Fleks were offered as a variety pack with a metal base plate to give them a home and a starting point for fun desk creations. Fleks 2.0 was then launched as a set of 6 four armed Fleks that lend themselves more easily to creating fully enclosed final resting shapes.

Learnings about play patterns and behaviours are constantly feeding back into product development and refinement at Speks as we continue to design the world’s best desk toys!


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