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VS1 Smart Video Speaker

Client: Little Fish

We entered into a strategic partnership with Little Fish, a startup in Beijing with a mandate to elevate the quality of Design (with a capital D) to better connect its AI-driven products with consumers in both China and the western hemisphere.

The first result of this deep collaboration is the VS1 Smart Video Speaker. We developed a comprehensive program that includes design research, brand identity, industrial design, CMF development, packaging design, product animation video and website design.

The VS1 is powered by Chinese search giant Baidu’s DuerOS that connects family members with natural language human-machine interactions to enable video calls, music streaming, voice search, smart home controls and more. Wrapped in custom-designed fabric, the VS1 has been thoughtfully designed with a slim profile and a small footprint to enable it to sit anywhere in the home.

Our work continues with more products coming in the very near future. In the meantime, check out the VS1 at ZaiJia.com for more details.


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