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Ultrasonic Antifouling

Client: Flexidal

Our client started from a technology used in aquaria and pools to keep the water free from algae with the help of ultrasonic sound. Moebius Design helped to create a product with the same technology in another domain.
In the marine world boats and yachts need yearly treatment of the hull with chemical antifouling coating.
By using this ultrasonic sound technology this need has become almost obsolete. The hull stays clean from algae and barnacles.

Moebius Design made a design study in which the needs and demands of the most important stakeholders were gathered and mapped.
This resulted in a stylish and modular housing for the control unit.
Moebius Design assisted in setting up production of the plastic components and went through the complete detailed engineering process and "design for manufacturing".

Added value was created on different levels: ease of production and assembly, ease of installation and mounting for the yacht owner, increased reliability of the product.
And last but no least: a high value brand in a niche market!


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