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reflect is a creative product strategy and life style design firm. “reflect” began in 2013 when top of two Industrial Designers who is a winner of 2014 iF Product Design Award with "Blossom Cutlery" and designed "Motorola XY Board 10.1", started their business in Seoul, Asia’s fast-paced and high tech hub. reflect design pursue of reflecting and improving the everyday lives of people. We bring years of specialist Industrial Design and Surface Engineering knowledge to help you find innovative and creative products and set your brand above the competition.


- Reflecting the true daily life

“reflect” starts the designs reflecting the true daily life of our neighbors. There are all kinds of dazzling items in the world but if they have directly nothing to do with your daily life, those are not meaningful in enhancing the precious of your every moment.

- Design our journey

“reflect” desires to design not only ‘to make a good design of our own life’ but also ‘to create a good brand’. As Brand Management Studio based on new, innovative creativeness, reflect has the goal of establishing effective brand and continuous development for our customers.

- Easy to live with

Reflect’s design is curiousness but for creating a better trivial round of daily life for the many people. And when we reflect our life into the designs, it’s then we really can make easy to live.


  • iF product design awards 2014: The Winner iF 2014
  • IDEA2012 Bronze Design Award IDEA 2012


DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Hyundai Card Co.,Ltd.
  • LG Household & Health Care Ltd.
  • Korea Digital Enterprise Association



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Reflect Inc.


  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering
  • Design Management

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No.304 San Da Bldg.
#113 Cheong Gu-Ro, Jung Gu
Seoul, 100-832
South Korea


Sang Soo Lee
phone: 82 70 8224 9854

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