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Baidu Smart Display Reference Design

Client: Baidu

Baidu USA partnered with Anvil Studios to create reference designs for 2 smart video speaker devices. The design solutions needed to be contemporary, premium, and beautiful, while not looking like a copycat of an Amazon Echo Show.

Baidu wanted the product designs to convey a soothing, harmonious digital lifestyle accessory that appealed to female consumers, deliberately moving away from traditionally masculine CE aesthetics. Additionally, the smart video speakers need to work in both horizontal and vertical orientations for both traditional landscape format videos and smartphone portrait video modes respectively. Lastly, both smart video speakers are portable, incorporating elegant handle solutions for easily allowing users to freely move from bedroom to living room and back again.

Our design team collaborated very closely with the Baidu team through-out the development process, beginning with competitive/comparative market landscape observations and contemporary design trend inspirations. These fueled a deep brainstorm in which we generated a wide variety of forms, interactions, material combinations, and desired color ways. We were able to quickly and efficiently narrow in on 2 key concept directions; a friendly squircle form and a dynamic, tapering pyramid design.

This tapering pyramid design is an elegant, dynamic, and stable form. The 10” touch screen is presented in an optimal viewing angle, filling the full front of the device. The speakers are integrated into the side caps and a subwoofer is hidden within the rear volume. The leather handle strap is inspired from fashion design (rather than traditional product design) and the selected CMF (color/material/finish) is matte black with rose gold accents. The result is a sophisticated and timeless design that balances aesthetics without being neutral.


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