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Video Invite iOS App

Our client wanted an iOS mobile app for a simple, quick, and natural way of inviting people to private events.

She realized that people are overloaded with emails and spam and many of the messages are ignored. At the same time, sending paper invitations takes a lot of time and money.

She came up with an idea of using text messages (SMS) since they are easy to send, more personal, and can be done on the go. That’s how the idea of the Video Invite was born.

Our ios app development company and user interface design services helped our client to get a fine professionally-built mobile iOS app created in a record period of time. She is now off to a great start of monetizing the application.

We are also taking care of the backend of the app so that she could enjoy marketing and promoting the app while we keep it running and updated.

Software is an essential part of any business these days. Custom software allows you to develop new revenue streams and improve business efficiency.

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