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1 Putt Smart Putting Aid

A smart putting aid that helps golfers to practice their putt stroke and simulating different in-app virtual putting conditions.

1 Putt allows golfers to track their putt stroke in real time with the embedded IR sensors. The recorded result is plotted in the mobile app for monitoring and improving their putting skills. For virtual condition training, it would provide a point-and-aim laser guide to simulate the putting conditions.

The base of the 1 Putt includes adjustable hinges that allow golfers to adjust the angle. This provides unique opportunities for golfers to train on different terrain, for example, sloped or curved surfaces.

The 1 Putt training app contains pre-set virtual training courses and the training tracker. It maps out the training progress and each training taken by the golfer. Golfers can also set up their own training setup and tailor their training to fit their learning curve.

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