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Vodafone Curve Smart GPS Tracker

Client: Vodafone Smart Tech

Curve is a multi-use GPS tracker that connects to Vodafone’s global IOT network using their built-in smart SIM card. Designed to fit effortlessly into everyday life, its advanced tracking technologies keeps it remotely connected to the Vodafone smartphone app in over 90 countries.

Unlike Bluetooth only trackers, Curve uses four different tracking technologies - GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth, so you can be further away and still get updates to your smartphone.

The simple, lightweight, and waterproof design features a removable utility band, that can be swapped out for application specific accessories. This interchangeable design feature creates a genuine multi-use product platform that isn’t visually or functionally compromised by its many potential use cases.

Winner of a 2020 Good Design Award for Design Excellence.

Finalist iF Design Awards 2021.


Good Design Award for Design Excellence 2020


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