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Up. Top Designs is a product/systems/design development consulting agency
that is made up of hand selected freelance professionals located in or from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We offer graphic design and industrial design currently but are looking to include more services. Our hopes in having a diverse work force will benefit clients that need help with developing their product/graphics but don’t know where to start or don’t have the capacity to move the project along. Up. Top Designs will take on that burden to create a development team that meets the needs of the client. Our services are open to inventors, engineers, and large/small companies looking for a more competitive edge in their products or overall presence in the public. At this time we have two talented designers that each have 11 years experience in designing graphics and products. These professionals skills are enhanced by their experience in using Adobe Cloud (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc.) and Rhino 3D. We normally respond to a client within 24 hours. Our process consist of the 4 “D's":

• Define: The design team starts by assessing the criteria provided to understand the expectation for the design. Furthering our search for answers, research is conducted to help define opportunities for improvement, sustainability, user needs, innovation, and differentiation from other competitors.
• Discovery: Ideations are generated to find solutions for the current design while discovering other possible opportunities for the product.
• Design: The best ideation(s) will be selected to be developed into a refined concept(s) that will be presented to the client. Suggestions are then made between the client and development team to help the design evolve into the desired end result.
• Destination: Once the concept is approved final details with design, engineering, CAD, and manufacturing are worked out to prepare the product for production.



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  • Michigan Tec MTEC SmartZone
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DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Towing Electrical Systems
  • GHSP (Grand Haven Stamp Products)
  • Snapper Head Inventions LLC
  • Crowdsprings.com
  • Curt Group
  • Upwork



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