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BT - Whole Home Wifi

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi means no more ‘deadspots’ - as it provides customers with faster, more reliable Wi-Fi coverage in the home. The system consists of three discs that form a smart Wi-Fi network to seamlessly switch users onto the strongest and fastest connection as they move from room to room.

Alloy choreographed the customer experience across all the key touchpoints to achieve a coordinated premium proposition across packaging, hardware and app design. Our experience-led approach helped to identify and address potential pain points with a multi device Wi-Fi system and highlighted the app as the pivotal element. For example, the app guides users through the setup process to ensure optimum positioning of the discs for the most effective coverage.

The app UX/UI design was complimented with beautifully unobtrusive industrial design. The clean, distinctive white circular form with dimmable lighting means the devices seamlessly fit a home’s range of decor and typically ‘tech-free’ locations such as bedrooms.

Building on our strong history and relationship in connectivity BT and Alloy have resolved many of the issues associated with home Wi-Fi. The Whole Home kit was the first of its kind in the UK, with a contemporary design to fit any home and system that works effortlessly straight out of the box, it leads the way in Wi-Fi technology and experience. Within 6 months of launch, from a zero base, the product became the market share leader in its category, ahead of other global brands.

Moving on from the success of the first generation of Whole Home devices; BT and Alloy have developed Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi that uses the latest tri-band technology, for even faster, stronger Wi-Fi to every corner of your home. All within a contemporary design to fit any interior environment.

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