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Client: Nike

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Nike developed a variety of global programming assets, including a docuseries designed to highlight the unique roles of a handful of Nike team members and their work’s impact on Nike’s past, present, and future.

As Nike’s creative partner tasked with creating and executing the docuseries, Defy handled everything from naming the series, to developing a dynamic visual system, to identifying and telling each episode’s story.

We started by creating the series’ title—“Work in Progress”. A nod to Nike’s continual march towards evolution of sport and innovation, “Work in Progress” also represents the stories we’re telling, and the visual package presented in each episode—thoughtful and comprehensive, but also versatile and ever-evolving.

Each episode we developed relied heavily on meticulous pre-production planning and execution. We committed to building strong relationships with each episode’s featured employee, gaining a deep understanding of their roles, motivations, and impacts in order to uncover authentic, powerful stories.

The series is a testament to the strength of our collaboration with our partners at Nike, our team’s ability to execute at a high level from pre to post, and, most importantly, the work the series’ featured employees are doing to embody and evolve Nike’s mission as the brand enters its next 50 years.


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