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Nection is a Swiss-Brazilian creative studio that engages its two bases to build smart solutions for Product Design, Branding and Packaging.

We are Multidisciplinary Designers looking for gaps to implement innovation. The excellence of our collaborators provide us with knowledge and experience, to fulfill the needs of each different project that we do.

The process that we have developed always integrates a deep collaboration with our manufacturing partners, because we believe that creation and production might move together as a precise gear.

We developed a flexible business model that allows us to collaborate with an extensive list of projects & clients. Thanks to this model we can offer fairer prices and work with all-sized companies through flat-rates, monthly fees or strategic partnerships.

We are also constantly investing in our own product ideas, from concept to production, until the market launch planning. This keeps us up to date and gives us a better understanding of our clients’ position.

So if you need design solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us… You will love our dedication.

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