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Kodak Nexfinity Digital Press

Client: Eastman Kodak Company

The BZDesign industrial design team took on the project of developing an evolutionary product for Eastman Kodak Company's premier digital printing press. Over the course of 12 weeks, the BZDesign team partnered with the Eastman Kodak engineering team to redesign the external housing and ergonomics of the machine.

During this project, the BZDesign team faced the challenge of creating a premium-looking machine that still looked like a part of a family of Eastman Kodak products. The industrial designers used updated branding styles and splashes of bold color to differentiate the products overall appearance, and worked with technicians that would one day use the product to ensure ease of use.

Once the product design was complete, the BZDesign team also developed a storyboard, script, and video for the newly designed product. This video debuted at the official product launch and was used as a resource by the sales team and marketing department to engage the potential customer base. This video development took place over the course of 3 weeks from proposal to the completed video.


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