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Polycom RealPresence Trio

Client: Polycom

As the world’s first smart hub for group collaboration, the Polycom Trio is the most versatile conference speakerphone in the world. A decade of research on user behavior, needs, and productivity informed the development and design of this multi-purpose conference solution, which revolutionizes the way teams share ideas.

We worked closely with Polycom’s engineers to create a product that would expand expectations of a three-legged conference room speaker system, and evolve this product into an integrated smart hub that is conducive to maximum productivity, and facilitates creativity in the workplace. We took into account the needs of meeting participants and paired them with technological solutions available to us today, to create a user experience that is intuitive and effective.

The Polycom Trio brings the iconic three-legged conference room speaker into the age of digital communication, with progressive features such as superior audio quality (360° microphone coverage, background noise cancelling, 20ft mic pick up), an integrated 5” color touchscreen display, Android OS functionality, premium audio input/output, NFC, sophisticated background noise blocking, and external device integration.

The clean, modern design of the Polycom Trio and its intuitive functionality introduce a new design language focused on collaboration.

The Trio was designed to optimize user productivity. The built-in high-quality speakers with background noise blocking technology, 360° microphone coverage, and up to 20-foot microphone pick up range deliver the best-ever audio experience to date. We have also enhanced user experience by incorporating illuminated mute buttons on each leg and 5-way HD voice conferencing capacity.

The Trio is the only smart hub on the market that allows HD content sharing from external devices such as smart phones, computers, and tablets. Seamless integration with external visual devices redefines product expectations in its category, and provide


Red Dot Award Winner 2016, Computex d&i Winner 2016, Core77 Runner Up - Consumer Products 2016, Core77 Winner - Community Choice Award 2016, Internet Telephony Winner - Product of the Year 2016, IDSA Winner - IDEA Silver 2016


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