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Dosmaquinas is a multidisciplinary design studio located Monterrey, Mexico focused on generating well designed products and brands for businesses looking for a unique experience; created with precision but full of heart and passion; responsible and sustainable.
Dosmaquinas is a creative engine for new and creative solutions.
Founded in 2010, Dosmaquinas offers two main goods; product design and development, and strategic branding design. We can deliver the whole package or collaborate in a specific process.

We help you to understand, interact, connect.
Brands need to be designed holisticaly in order to be succesful. We help you to achieve possitive impact and long term relationship with your customers through a strong analithic design process.

Branding strategy
Logo design
Website design and development
Visual concepts
Social networking

We do new, different, unique, outstanding products.
We like to do great design for our clients, but what we really love is to innovate and create things that haven't been done before. Give us the chance to work with you and we'll show you what we're talking about.

What we can do for you.

User needs detection
Product design analysis
Product conceptualization
Product design and development
Product validation
Manufacture aid and supervision.


  • The Home Depot Mexico
  • Lowe's Mexico
  • Vidrios y Cristales Ontiveros
  • Castel Monterrey
  • Biopharma
  • Infinitum Lighting
  • Aceros del Toro
  • Smart Juice



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