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Stenomask - Court Reporting Mask

An ergonomically designed, hand held microphone mask called 'The Stenomask' that fits over the mouth and nose, which silences the voice. Designed for use in discrete court room reporting, bilingual conferences etc. The first device to offer such functionality was designed and developed by the client’s father for use in the World War II for court reporting, the device still sells to this day but the client felt it was time to develop a smaller more streamlined ergonomic product.

King Design took the client through the design process step by step developing this exciting new product through research, sketches, wooden and foam ergonomic models, computer aided design. Finally various rapid prototypes were produced to test all the development prior to tooling and production. The design journey was a pleasant one where the client knew what he wanted but respected the designers skill, the end result was an intelligently designed product.

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