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TCM5 Flex


Smart bloodgas monitoring for supersensitive patients.

The development of the TCM5 Flex, a transcutaneous bloodgas monitor designed around its user.

• The challenge
Helping Radiometer to re-think transcutaneous bloodgas monitoring and develop a radically new monitor for supersensitive patients that avoids life-threatening mistakes in day-to-day use.

• The result
While the TCM5 Flex is as inherently complex as most medical devices in terms of its technology, our design makes it outstandingly intuitive and user friendly.

Various intelligent features simplify workflows and allow healthcare professionals to focus on what matters most: the patient.

Thanks to the TCM5 Flex, Radiometer has been able to strengthen and expand its position with rising sales and increased market shares.

Creating the TCM5 Flex, Radiometer’s most intuitive solution for transcutaneous monitoring
24/7 blood gas measurement is essential for supersensitive patients such as premature babies or patients in intensive care units. With transcutaneous blood gas monitors, the oxygenation status in patients can be tracked continually and non-invasive via a sensor applied to the skin, therefore dispensing with the need to draw blood.

However, worldwide, the number of medical devices that healthcare professionals have to work with is growing continually, making training both time-consuming and costly. Accordingly, our mission was to develop an outstandingly user-friendly and smart device that simplifies everyday work of healthcare professionals, supports hospital workflows & avoids life-threatening mistakes in day-to-day use.

Our in-depth research revealed that medical professionals’ needs vary depending on who they care for – whether it’s premature babies and neonates, people in intensive care or sleep lab patients. We translated these insights by creating different modes that the TCM5 Flex can be set to, displaying only the information needed for that specific patient group.


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