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Client: Kentsel Strategy

Living in metropolitan areas, such as New York, Istanbul or London means living in the peak of crowd, and fast pace. Urban citizens find less and less areas of rest in public spaces. They are less and less in interaction with each other, and empty spaces are not used to conform those interactions. By focusing on public space behaviors, we designed a modular exhibition experience where people can randomly walk through these modules and enhance their everyday life by adding new information.

The modules are designed in order to be constructed by anyone with ease. They have different settings for sitting on, standing by, and walking through. The red mat is set as the mark of x-hibit space. When one sees the x-hibit mat in a public space they can take a step to enjoy the experience.

X-hibit is also an easy form of exhibition space where space owners can purchase modules according to the spaces they own. That means the space owners can make use of their empty spaces and create alternative experiences in urban citizens’ lives.


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