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Client: Camellia Labs

Hi everyone, this is Y, CEO and Founder of Y Studios. I am happy to announce the launch of Chime, an automatic chai maker. Thanks to the vision of the founder, Gaurav Chawla, making authentic chai is now as easy as pressing a button. No mess. Always consistent. Always tasty.

As some of you may know, I’m a chai addict. The story of how I came to love chai is long, involves staying in an Indian restaurant and living in a trailer, and is best told over chai.

Making chai a science project with many variables: boiling water, boiling milk, adding proportions chai and masala, all for specifics times and at temperatures. There are two major negatives: the waiting and the cleanup. (Milk boiling over is a disaster.) Chime allows you to effortlessly make a perfect cup of authentic chai.


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