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4DESIGN | www.4design.com.au | +612 9280 4454

4DESIGN are a team of focussed, talented, motivated and experienced industrial designers with offices in both Sydney, Australia and Queenstown, New Zealand. Founded in 2003, 4design pulled together a team of Australia's & New Zealand's top Industrial Designers.

4design have experience across a wide range of fields including IT Hardware, Medical, Mining, Consumer, Sporting Goods, Scientific Equipment, Lifestyle Products, Street Furniture and Media. We are involved in the development of highly technical specialist equipment, we understand the process required to meet industry standards, ingress protection, durability and meet the competitive demands of the global market place.

4design closely study International trends in design, architecture, fashion, the latest materials research, human factors and manufacturing technology to ensure that our client's products sell themselves through their intrinsic qualities......fresh, coherent and on the mark!

4design have been recognised by some of the most prestigious International design award programs including Red Dot, IF, IDSA, Australian Design Awards, Engineering Excellence, INDEX Copenhagen, Power House Museum, New Zealand Best Awards, to name a few.

To discuss our services please call us on +61 2 92804454 or email info@4design.com.au



  • Gold Design Award - X5 Australian Design Award 2008
  • Inventions and Innovations - EPOC Engineering Excellence Awards 2010
  • Processes and Manufacturing - EPOC Engineering Excellence Awards 2010
  • Gold Design Award - EPOC Australian Design Awards 2010
  • Gold Design Award - Mainline Australian Design Award 2010
  • Distinction - EPOC Red Dot 2010
  • Distinction - Mainline Red Dot 2010
  • Innovation Award - X5 EMMA 2008
  • Gold Award Chicago Good Design 2014
  • Gold Design Award Australian Good Design Award 2013
  • Gold Design Award Australian Design Award 2018
  • Best in Class Australian Design Award 2016
  • Gold Design Award Australian Design Award 2016
  • Design Award Australian Design Award 2016


  • Design Institute of Australia
  • The Designers Accord
DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Electrolux
  • Infostream
  • Atcor Medical
  • Emotiv
  • Jands
  • BT Imaging
  • Sunbeam
  • Polartechnics
  • Hub Street Equipment
  • Vascular Enhancement Technology
  • Sony
  • Transport for NSW
  • Transport for NSW
  • Qantas



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  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering
  • Graphic Design

Typical Project Budget

Not Specified


Budgets vary depending on the size of the project. No project is too big or small at 4design

Main Office

Level 1, 83-85 Foveaux St, Surry Hills
Sydney, NSW 2010


Lee Liston
phone: +612 9280 4454
fax: +612 9280 4655
Website: 4design.com.au info@4design.com.au

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