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Rithmio | Prototype innovation in wearable technology

Client: Rithmio

Constellation, Rithmio’s motion recognition software, can identify activities, measure motion, and even analyze performance. While the software is intended to run on partner platforms, Rithmio needed to create equally as sophisticated demonstration hardware to fully show off the multifaceted nature of their algorithms.

The team at Rithmio envisioned a set of wearable sensors that could be placed around the body to accurately capture, analyze, and track user movements. In the world of high-end training and pro athletes, detailed data is critical to achieving optimal results.

While the promise of the approach was compelling, the system had a few challenges to address. First off, the devices needed to be adaptable and comfortable to wear. To meet these requirements, Pushstart developed an ergonomic form and set of capture accessories that allowed for nearly unlimited flexibility.

With so many small units to keep track of, the second major hurdle to address was charging. While capacitive charging offered some compelling benefits the additional cost and package side were unattractive. The team instead opted for a recyclable subscription model. Units would be designed to operate maintenance free for one year after which they would be replaced. To meet this stringent requirement, battery space was prioritized, system energy use was optimized, and the housing was designed to be durable and cost effective to produce.

To beta test the program, Pushstart used cost effective, low-batch manufacturing techniques to help Rithmio produce 50 units that could be used to demonstrate the complex Constellation software.

This ability to conduct real-world user tests with like-production units ahead of investment is an extremely valuable tool for startups and established brands alike.


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