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A Seamless Brand Experience

Client: JACK Sewing Machines

In the last several years, up-and-coming competitors started to introduce products to the Chinese market that had strikingly similar features to JACK's best-selling models – right down to similar logos. Looking at a store shelf, users were starting to have a hard time differentiating JACK from the other dead ringers sitting next to it.

We laid the groundwork for an integrated design approach that would boost the brand and move it towards its goal of a highly unified and differentiated brand experience – starting with the machines and moving all the way through JACK’s services, spaces, communication, and digital experiences.

Our UX team found that the user tended to bond with his sewing machine, seeing it less as a tool and more as a helper or companion. To play into that bond, we began to incorporate animal-like features that would help further enhance the user’s connection to the machine’s personality and the experience of working with it. We selected eagle-like attributes — including quickness, strength, and dexterity — as the kind of features that would aid in developing a closer bond with the JACK brand.

Read more about the implementation of JACK's holistic brand experience at the case study link below.


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