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The Atelier provides design and photography to all organisations.

Being a versatile agency, with a collective of respected professionals who can be called upon when a project suits their talents, clients’ expectations are met with enthusiasm and clarity.

Our practice is focused on repairing communication problems, in every facet of business.

By collaborating with you to clarify your goals and to determine your path, we are able to reveal the compelling details that your customers need to know.



  • the Designers Accord
DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • PEAB Seicon
  • Tim Maher.com
  • CapeFinn
  • Acumen Development
  • Acumen Third Sector
  • April Hamilton Interiors
  • Hilton International
  • Hilton Foundation
  • Ramada Encore
  • Alan Phillips Architects
  • Kinari Design
  • Ligne Roset
  • Candid Records
  • Shepherd Neame
  • Victoria Murray PR
  • Jo Brooks PR
  • Neil Redding PR
  • OK! Magazine
  • Dave O’Higgins
  • Helsinki City
  • Porvoo Jazz Festival
  • André Sumelius
  • Fimage
  • HIMA Happiness



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