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In 1945, Utley's Incorporated was founded by the late George D. Utley II in the basement of his mother's house in Queens, New York. This fledgling business was focused on the cosmetic and liquor industry with its founder designing and creating bottle shapes which were then sold to the early industry leaders in these fields. What began as a hobby to create and invent new products using revolutionary new plastics has become a successful family business of some fifty people devoted to all aspects of model making. By providing clients with personal service and impeccable craftsmanship, Utley's has earned the reputation of being one of the preeminent leaders in its field.

The challenge of making an idea become a physical reality is achieved through the efficiency and individual expertise of our staff of accomplished model makers who are committed to detail and accuracy.

These special skills include drafting, AutoCAD and ProEngineer, sculpting, carving, conventional and CNC machining, molding and casting, custom and faux finishing as well as vacuum metalizing. Natural and man made materials...wood, metal, plastic, synthetics and resins are used where applicable and new materials and technologies are always being explored. The combined model making experience, knowledge of industrial and design processes and comprehension of materials are shared by these skilled artisans and engineers.

In addition to the premier traditional model shop that lies at the heart of Utley's is an adamant commitment to researching, developing and using new cutting edge technologies. The firm maintains two seats of Pro Engineer which are used in conjunction with Pro Manufacture, PowerMill, MasterCAM, ArtCAM, Powershape and other CNC/CAM packages to run nine CNC mills and lathes capable of matching parts up to 40" in length.

To allow for the fastest possible turnaround on jobs requiring metallic finishes, Utley's owns and operates an in house vacuum metalizer capable of handling parts roughly 12"x 12"x 24".

Working from rough sketches, technical drawings or verbal instructions we can take a project from concept to fully finished model to meet the needs and expectations of our customer.


Utleys Incorporated


  • Interaction Design
  • Architecture

Main Office

31-23 61st Street
Woodside, NY 11377
United States


John or George Utley
phone: 718-956-1661
fax: 718-956-4414
Website: www.Utleys.com Utleys@Utleys.com

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