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Yubo Lunchbox

Client: Kinsco

Yubo is a customizable, cleanable, and fun-ctional lunchbox. Faceplate graphic panels drop into the front and back lids (users choose from over 100 faceplate sets or they upload personal photos to getyubo.com for printing).

Yubo has 3 food container sizes so plastic and paper bags are no longer needed.

Yubo has a unique form factor, with an open core ring with identical lids on both sides. The core ring, offered in 3 colors, has a rib running around its center for attaching the handle and accessories.

Yubo disasembles in seconds for dishwasher cleaning. Whipsaw is partial company owner and we provided all ID and Branding elements.

Featured in Fast Company, MSNBC, Redbook, Growing Green, and more.


IDEA Bronze 2010, Chicago Athenaeum Green Good Design 2010, iF Product Design Award 2010, Communication Arts Annual 50 2009, American Graphic Design & Advertising 2010


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