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Pano Logic Zero Client Computer

Client: Pano Logic

Pano is a server-based corporate computer. Called a Zero Client, it is a tiny hardware-only device, containing no software, CPU or memory. The user plugs in his keyboard, display and mouse into Pano, and then plugs it into the network.

Pano operates like a PC but it consumes 3% of the energy, uses 4% of the material to make it; and is one hundred times smaller!

Because it is a “zero client”, we made it a “zero design” – it is a plain 3” x 2” zinc box with a mirror finish, causing it to blend into its surroundings. Pano’s austere form, density, tiny size, and reflective surfaces gives it a futuristic quality.

“Pano is both sex and art – all 9 cubic inches of it”, said Wired Magazine. Nick Gault, CEO, said “It’s impossible to quantify the massive effect Whipsaw’s design has had in terms of generating media coverage, winning deals, and creating brand. The design is lean, clean, and responsible”.

Over 100 articles have raved about Pano. Wall Street Journal wrote “This little box may someday replace your PC.”


IDEA Bronze 2010, Red Dot Best of the Best 2008, G-Mark Good Design 2008, Chicago Athenaeum Green Good Design 2010, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2008, iF Product Design Award 2008, Spark Bronze 2009, CES Innovations Best of Show 2009, IDSA Northwest Design Invitational Gold 2009


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