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SGX GPS Rangefinder

Client: SkyCaddie

SkyCaddie’s groundbreaking rangefinders have revolutionized the way serious golfers approach the course; GPS data and information on thousands of courses around the world provide them advanced support for their games. The SGX Rangefinder has become a favorite in the industry but was in need of a new design language to communicate its cutting edge technology and sophistication and keep SkyCaddie a leader in their market with a premium proposition.

PDT ran the development of SGX in parallel with SkyCaddie’s technology development, rocketing the project forward in record time while meeting lofty design goals. The team created an extremely durable design that proves resistant to both moisture and dust, achieving a level of water resistance and durability rarely attained within such a small device. Premium finishes were chosen for the refined device while a large 3” easy-to-read, transflective LCD screen provides brilliant color images even in the brightest sunlight. Always keeping in mind ease of use, the team applied an innovative, dual-navigation option to provide easy one-handed operation and precision positioning without blocking critical screen information oftentimes visually hindered by fingers and smudges.

PDT’s design solutions have elevated SGX into an incredible technical achievement given its powerful capabilities and small size and wrapped it in a tough but elegant package.


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