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Power Stoplight App

Client: Smart Power Devices Ltd

Recognizing PDT’s extensive software development experience, Smart Power Devices Ltd chose PDT to develop a new Android app designed to help consumers save money on their electric bills while reducing their carbon footprint. The Power Stoplight app, also available for the iPhone and Blackberry, displays energy data that shows users the best and worst times to run electrical devices.

Across North America, power companies have created residential dynamic pricing programs for their environmental and monetary benefits. These prices are sometimes hard to follow for consumers, with energy costs constantly going up and down based on demand and supply. Power Stoplight's app formats and displays this data for consumers so they can easily see and understand when is the best time to use or generate electricity. The app helps track time of usage (TOU) programs as well, which are simpler to follow than dynamic pricing, but still can be fairly complex in certain utility markets. For select regions, the app also provides the newest available spot price data, day ahead figures, or a smart price figure, a prediction for that region’s electricity services' final applicable prices, which is computed by Smart Power Devices' servers.


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