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NxSET Neck Level Headphone Sets

Client: S1 Audio

PDT was approached by S1 Audio to develop a range of revolutionary technology devices that unite personal listening and communicating with sharability. PDT’s team worked to design a family language for various models of the two product tiers based on functionality. The NxSET Platform includes four headsets with shoulder level delivery that create a comfortable, high-quality listening experience users can share. The NxSET mobile 1 and NxSET mobile 2 units offer Bluetooth compatibility allowing users to link up their cell phone to provide hands free capability. NxSET music 1 and NxSET music 2 units provide link capabilities to any audio device. The low-profile, hands free headsets project clear sound to users without being physically placed in the ear. At higher volumes, NxSET can be placed in a common area to double as a mobile speaker system.

The team worked to design a clean, simple and user friendly brand language. The innovative ‘function meets fashion’ device is ergonomic and stylish. Mechanical engineers were tasked with implementing one cubic inch of volume for the speakers while maintaining a minimal visual footprint. Prototypes were developed for the NxSET music and NxSET mobile products. The prototypes were featured at CES 2009 to introduce S1 Audio’s new line of products, creating excitement in the marketplace.


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