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Lysol/Dettol Healthy Touch

Client: Reckitt Benckiser

Responding to consumer trends in home hygiene, Kinneir Dufort helped Reckitt Benckiser conceptualise and realise a no-touch handwash dispenser to extend its Lysol and Dettol brands in the personal care category. The product, equally applicable to bathroom and kitchen settings, delivers a measured dose of liquid soap when the user places their hand under the nozzle.

Launched in the US and UK markets in 2010, the uptake from trade and consumers has been extremely strong with the product rapidly establishing itself as one of Reckitt Benckiser’s most successful product launches in recent years.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “the highest hopes of the company this year are pinned on the automatic hand-soap dispenser from Lysol” and that innovations like it are “a primary reason that European consumer-product company Reckitt Benckiser has managed to keep growing through the recession.”


UK Packaging Awards Finalist: UK Packaging Award 2011


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