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Hospital Bedside Cabinet

Client: Bristol Maid

Kinneir Dufort, together with Bristol Maid, was selected as one of the winning teams in the Design Council and UK Department of Health’s ‘Design Bugs Out’ initiative aimed at bringing the traditional hospital bedside cabinet into the 21st century, improving the patient environment and reducing the risk of healthcare related infections.

The backless hospital beside cabinet eliminates hard-to-clean areas by using a continuous rotationally moulded form, with smooth surfaces and no joints, junctions or sharp corners to harbour germs. The design was enthusiastically reviewed by hospital staff, patients and press during a showcasing tour of leading UK hospitals and has since gone on to win multiple design awards including the Plastics Industry Industrial design award 2010.


BBH Building Better Healthcare Award 2010, Plastics Awards Plastics Industry Industrial Design Award 2010, British Plastics Federation (BPF) Horners Award 2010


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