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CORSAIR® Gaming Mouse, Keyboard & Headset Interface Branding

Client: Corsair

Graphical user interface design is the most important and lasting impression any great product design has to offer the end user. It has the final say in making your product either a success or not. A great design is always backed with a great interface experience.

CRE8 DESIGN, in collaboration with CORSAIR®, designed the new generation of CORSAIR® software graphical interface. In order to ensure the extension of the overall brand image, CRE8’s Product and Graphic teams collaborated at the very early stages of development with the assigned software teams in planning and design exploration.
In addition to the appearance and feel of the actual products, the user experience and interface were the key elements reproduced to create a consistent brand image. The goal was to design a graphical interface that was innovative, quick to grasp, and easy to use by utilizing familiar interfaces and aesthetics and eliminating unnecessary and confusing information.

The CORSAIR® GUI interface designs are tied in with the latest generation of gaming product lines using the same design language, expressed in the PC mice, keyboards and headsets. Corsair K90 is an example of the MMO gaming series where the software reflects a similar feel and appearance, making it a familiar environment for users to program their keys effortlessly.

In contrast to other gaming series on the market with complex software settings, CRE8 aimed at a simple step-by-step configuration interface that provides the end user with a very simple, friendly, and easy to understand graphical interface. By dismissing any unnecessary and overwhelming design elements, CRE8 with CORSAIR® have truly provided a practical tool that compliments their PC gaming series.


Corsair CRE8 Interface Design

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