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Korn is a German colorless spirit that is usually made from fermented rye but may also be made from corn, barley, or wheat.

Korn differs from vodka in that it is less rigorously filtered, which leaves more cereal taste in the finished spirit. Drunk neat and cold it has a somewhat dubious reputation, because it is the cheapest spirit available in Germany. Nonetheless, it is very popular, especially in the North among farmer and fishermen often to seal a deal.Typically sold in clear glass bottles, a paper-based package might be an unexpected candidate for this spirit, but the delivery format known from milk cartons provocatively nurtures Korn’s reputation, while the simplistic graphics, premium packaging materials and debossed foil stamping relate to the look and feel of top-shelf liquors.

Compact and light weight the packaging dramatically reduces the environmental impact during shipping into the Wild West and limits breakage during excessive consumption, which is not recommended.


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