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Eton TurboDyne

Client: Eton Corporation

The Turbodyne Series are serious American Red Cross multi-purpose tools for emergency use. We set out to create the ultimate emergency electronic product line that provided users valuable assistance when they needed it most.

What makes Turbodyne excellent is the useful functionality, a radical “emergency aesthetic”, superb human factors, quality materials, and their internal renewable power source.

Each product contains a powerful dynamo crank that powers emergency radio channels and a phone. Road Torq is a roadside emergency tripod with a very bright flashlight and emergency flasher. Axis and Rover are high power dynamo crank radios that integrate wideband, AM/FM/NOAA and cell phone charger.

All crank arms, crank hubs, and the AXIS handle are strong die cast aluminum.


Chicago Athenaeum Green Good Design 2012, Red Dot Product Design 2011, IDSA Northwest Design Invitational Gold 2011, G-Mark Good Design 2011, Spark Design Award 2012

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