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Client: Pilotfish

UI development, prototyping and validation for a system targeting type 1 diabetics.

The daily routine of type 1 diabetes patients requires that the carbohydrates of all food consumed be calculated into an amount of Insulin intake necessary to keep a balanced blood sugar level. This process takes place before every meal and is time consuming and complicated. Also, there are a lot of tools involved in the process, which the patient has to always carry along.

ISayUcount is an integrated smartphone case scale and app for type 1 diabetics, which reduces the effort and time needed to track blood sugar levels and insulin intake, relieving the daily routine of diabetics.

Users can use voice recognition, text input or select from favorites the food of choice. The item can be weighed by placing it simply on the smartphone. Also, in case of large plates, the flexible band can be unfolded to enable the reach of the tare.


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