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Stella Flexible Light

Client: Barnes & Noble

Custom designed for NOOK devices, the Red Dot Award-Winning Stella Light is like no other reading light currently on the market. It is the perfect solution for reading in dimmed settings. Stella provides a robust experience, with a surprisingly flexible arm comprised of two goosenecks embedded within a silicone sleeve, allowing the user to adjust to an ideal position. The lightweight yet sturdy material means Stella retains its original shape and a clean curvature from one use to the next. The “n” acts as an on/off switch, powering the light which boasts replaceable batteries with a 20-hour lifespan.

Stella’s warm LED light is encased in a rigid plastic enclosure, and its sleek and streamlined design is equally thin and compact. With a matte finish that reduces glare, Stella stays out of the way and causes no unnecessary distraction to the reader.

Stella can clip to any e-ink device, book or magazine with its padded clip, attaching to a reader with no risk of scratching the device. What’s more, it adds virtually no weight during use, facilitating longer reading sessions with minimal added effort.


Red Dot Red Dot Design Award Winner 2012, IDSA Idea Awards Finalist 2012


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