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Dropcam Video Security Camera Line

Client: Dropcam

Dropcam HD is a compact Wi-Fi video camera for monitoring one's home. Live or recorded video streams directly to any computer or smartphone so you can keep an eye on your kids, pets, valuable property, a vacation home, etc.

Dropcam sits on a table or mounts to a wall and can be pointed anywhere at any subject with its unique three-axis adjustability feature. The aluminum vertical paddle tilts 180 degrees; the lens assembly turns 360 degrees inside the paddle hole, and the base swivels 360 degrees in its wall mount bracket.

The round camera not only allows you to turn it within its mount, but twelve infrared led illuminators surround the lens in a ring (under the slightly translucent housing). These infrared led's in this formation evenly illuminate any dark scene, even a burglar lurking in the pitch dark of the night.

The camera can snap out of the paddle hole to give users even more freedom as to where to put the camera, such as a firefighter being monitored by his team.

The camera is HD quality and it wirelessly records video to the Cloud so there’s no need to worry about storing or losing video content. All video is viewed on a simple and friendly web-based or mobile phone application interface.

Dropcam HD is a good example of Whipsaw’s holistic design. It solves a problem in a clever way, it works well, looks good, is well made, conserves material and energy, incorporates state of the art technology, and it's a snap to use.

Dropcam is getting great reviews: “Dropcam HD is the height of elegance” John Biggs, Techcrunch.com; “...shockingly easy to setup, it's actually comical how easy it is”, Darren Murph, Engadget.com; “Dropcam is a breakthrough in this category, ingeniously designed", Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Twin Cities Pioneer Press.


Red Dot Product Design 2012, Spark Design Award 2012, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2012


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