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Client: Firefly Mobile

Firefly turned to PDT to collaborate on developing a design that builds upon Firefly’s established brand values and translates their product language into a device with enhanced functionality. The flyPhone™ is Firefly’s latest success in the niche “tween” market, consisting of kids aged eight to twelve. Firefly Mobile worked closely with PDT’s User Interface, Industrial Design and Design Engineering teams to meet the delicate balance of designing a device that is compelling for “tweens” yet still intuitive and approachable for parents. In order to appeal to the “tween” market, the phone’s personality and identity had to be unique amongst the vast array of adult centric devices available on the market. It needed to be designed specifically for the “tween” demographic, whose tastes and affiliations are just as sophisticated as adults.

The flyPhone™ features a smooth-touch illuminated keypad that utilizes Electro- Luminescence (EL) technology – a first for this type of device. Its use enhances the Firefly brand and brings a uniquely engaging experience with intuitive controls for both parents and children. Firefly and PDT’s development teams connected with the mindset of the “tween” and parental demographics, resulting in a product that is intriguing in technology, unique in personality and likely to appeal to users beyond its target.


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