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Client: MedLumics

The portable imaging solution
for dermatology.
Turning innovative imaging technology into the first point-of-care diagnostic device.

- The challenge
MedLumics, medical imaging company from Spain specialized in advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT) devices, approached us with a new, highly innovative skin imaging technology for dermatology diagnoses.
Could this technology find a way into a portable and easy-to-use device for dermatologists in their daily routine?
- The result
NITID is an extremely easy-to-use handheld OCT device providing dermatologists with dynamic real-time, high resolution diagnostic images. A simple visual interface guides dermatologists intuitively through consultations saving valuable time.

Designing the first point-of-care OCT in dermatology.

As the first point-of-care OCT device in dermatology, NITID not only gives more diagnosis resolution to the doctors but also allows smaller, more user-friendly devices and interfaces.

It guides dermatologists and physicians intuitively through a consultation, improves current work flows, gives ease of use, and saves valuable time. The interface adapts to the dermatologist’s current work flow and uses intuitive and natural gestures to edit images and information.
NITID supports users when solving tasks under time pressure by giving simple visual guidance. Dermatologists can securely access data from anywhere and easily share information with their colleagues.


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