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MP3 Player

Client: Rainy Day

The need arose around the image of a small MP3 player with a pair of ear-bud wrapped in a twisted, tangled knot! GTI quickly saw the need to develop a fun, ergonomic way to encapsulate the earbuds AND the MP3 player together.

Thru many different iterations, brainstorm sessions, prototypes etc. Goddard settled on the finished design. A pliable, soft to the touch, flexible device. The user simply pops the two rubber cones in-side- out and then can easily wrap any set of ear buds around the center core. Then, simply snap the cones back and you’ve got a smooth, durable device. The device encapsulates the iPod Nano MP3 player, and has an easy port for charging and headphone connection.


The Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2009


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